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NOTICE: Adobe Flash Player has been discontinued as of January 2021. The original courses on this site were created in Flash. The discontinuation of Adobe Flash Player has opened up new opportunities for us. We’re excited to share that has gotten a facelift and, more importantly, the software will now work on a mobile device!

The original courses will remain online as your browser may continue to run Flash, but Flash may be disabled any time. New courses made without Flash will be added throughout the year.

Beyond The Notes Online Music Learning service is the source for classroom and individual computer based learning. Our products are designed to be displayed on a classroom projector and used as a teaching tool for the whole class. Students can also log in and continue their learning with self paced interactive exercises in the computer lab or at home.

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Name That Note

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Rhythm Rulz

The key to advancing a musicians' sight reading and overall music reading ability is to recognize every note at a quick glance. Students will learn the different notes of the different staffs: Treble, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. Compare the staffs or just view one at a time. Lesson and drills are both included for an interactive learning experience.

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Rhythm Rulz

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Rhythm Rulz

A fun, innovative way to learn how to read and count rhythms. Complete with a study mode for cognitive learning and a practice mode for psychomotor training, students will be taken through 230 rhythm slides in 8 levels of increasing complexity.

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